Magie, David, 1795-1865

Titles by this author
The spring-time of life : or, Advice to youth

Magie, a clergyman, was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey and graduated from Princeton in 1817. While studying theology in the seminary, he was also a tutor in the college from 1818 - 1819. He was installed as pastor at a newly organized Presbyterian church in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1821 and was associated with this church until his death. He received his degree of D.D. from Amherst in 1842, and directed the American board of commissioners for foreign missions. He was also a director of the American Tract Society and of the Theological Seminary at Princeton. Among his publications are The Springtime of Life and a tract entitled The Citizen Soldier of which 250,000 copies were distributed during the Civil War.

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Written by Stephen Rachman