Bradford, Sarah H. (Sarah Hopkins), 1818-1912

Titles by this author
The cornucopia : a collection of pieces in prose and rhyme, for the Silver lake stories

Bradford, who wrote numerous children's books, was born in 1818, but the date of her death is unknown (Wallace 55).

Among her works are:

Lewie; or The Bended Twig.
Silver Lake Stories. 1852.
The History of Peter the Great. N.York, 1858.
The Linton Family; or, The Fashion of this World. N. York, 1860.
The Story of Columbus Simplified for the Young Folks. 3d ed. N. York, 1862.
The Chosen People. N. York, 1863.
Getting Well: Tales for Little Convalescents. N. York, 1868.
Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman. Auburn, N.Y. 1869.
Grandmamma's Search. New ed, Lon., 1870.
Harriet the Moses of her People. Bost., 1886. (Kirk, 195).

Bradford also often published under the pen name "Cousin Cicely." These works include: Aunt Patty's Mirror (1854), The Old Portfolio (1854), and Ups and Downs (1855) (Burke 72).

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Written by Stephen Rachman