Clark, Rufus W. (Rufus Wheelwright), 1813-1886

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The African slave trade

The brother of P.E. Bishop, Thomas March Clark, Rufus Wheelwright Clark was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts in 1813. He graduated from Yale College in 1838 and then studied theology at Andover and at the Yale seminary where he graduated in 1841. He was ordained on 7 January 1842 and became pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church in Washington D.C. He also held pastorates in Portsmouth, N.H. from 1842 - 1851, East Boston, Massachusetts from 1851 - 1856, Brooklyn, NY 1857 - 1862, and the 1st Dutch Reformed church in Albany, NY, where he remained until his death (Johnson). The University of New York conferred upon him the degree of D.D. in 1862. He was known as a great pulpit orator and the author of 130 books, pamphlets, reviews, and articles as well as twelve volumes of Sunday School textbooks (Wilson 631). His works include: Heaven and its Scriptural Emblems, Memoir of Rev. John E. Emerson, Lectures to Young Men, Review of Professor Stuart on Slavery, Romanism in America, Life Scenes of the Messiah, The Heroes of Albany: a Memorial of the Patriot-Martyrs of the City and County of Albany who Sacrificed their Lives During the Late War in Defense of our Nation, 1861 - 1865, Albany, 1866, A Discourse on the Life and Character of H. Townsend, M.D. Albany, 1867, The Bible and the School Fund, Boston, 1870, The Work of God in Great Britain Under Moody and Sunkey, 1873 - 1875: With Biographical Sketches, New York: 1875, The African Slave Trade, and many pamphlets, sermons, and contributions to various journals (Allibone 387).

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