Ranger, Robin, 1827-1900

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Wolves and foxes

A clergyman and writer of books for boys, James Freeman (aka Robin Ranger) was born in New York City in 1827. The son of Moses and Lucretia (Midwinter) Freeman, he was a descendant of the first settlers of Newark, N. J. He attended the public schools in New York and taught in them for several years. He also held pastoral charges in New Jersey from 1850 - 1872. He then became assistant editor for the Sunday School and tract publications of the Methodist church. He received the honorary degree of A.M. from Wesleyan University in 1866, and nine years later, he was granted a D.D. from Mount Union College in Alliance Ohio (Johnson). His works include Hand-Book of Bible Manners and Customs (1874), The Use of Illustrations in Sunday-School Teaching (1867), A Short History of the English Bible (1879), and Book of Books (1880) (Kirk 629). Additionally, he is believed to have published a series of thirty-five books for children known as Robin Ranger's Library (1800 - 1866) (Johnson). Elsewhere, it is stated that he published children's books under the pseudonym "Robert Ranger" (Adams 138). Freeman died in Morristown, N.J. on 27 February 1900 (Wallace 159).

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Written by Stephen Rachman