Greenbaum, Florence Kreisler

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The international Jewish cook book : 1600 recipes according to the Jewish dietary laws with the rules for kashering : the favorite recipes of Ameri...

Florence Greenbaum graduated from Hunter College in New York City, where she studied food chemistry and diet. She was an instructor in Cooking and Domestic Science at the Young Women's Hebrew Association and in 1918 published The International Jewish Cook Book, a kosher cookbook that included a variety of international. Many of the recipes come from Greenbaum's own household, dating back through three generations. At the time of publication, Greenbaum was an instructor and lecturer for the Association of Jewish Home Makers and the Central Jewish Institute, under the auspices of the Bureau of Jewish Education (Kehillah), in New York.


  • Greenbaum, Florence Kreisler, The International Jewish Cook Book. Bloch Publishing Company, 1918.

Written by Anne-Marie Rachman