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The Michigan Business Farming [v.1 (1912/1913), v.5 (1917/1918)-v.7 (1919/1920)] / Michigan Business Farmer [v.7:no.28 (1920)-v.16 (1928)] collection features newspapers from 1912-1928, containing 438 issues and approximately 9,300 pages. Based out of Detroit, it issued crop reports, commodity prices from various stock markets, and commentary pieces on the business aspects of farming in the upper Midwest. One feature is its "Market Signals" system, used for judging how the commodity is performing on the market based on the weather, production, and time of year. Weather-type flags lead each commodity's report so the reader received an immediate indicator of performance.

Livestock, poultry, dairy products, field crops, vegetables and horticultural crops receive market and pricing coverage and are topics of news and editorial pieces. Market pricing and news from other cities including Chicago, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati provide the reader with a regional outlook.

Advertisements and editorial cartoons appear in the paper, but they are not prominent.

Funding for digitization was generously provided by the USAIN, AgNIC, and CRL as part of Project Ceres. Other newspapers digitized as part of this grant are available on the Michigan Farming Journals collection page.

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