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Michigan Farming Journals

The Michigan Farming Journals collection contains three newspapers titles, which were digitized from microfilm:

  • Michigan Farmer and Livestock Journal (1909-1928)
  • Michigan Farmer and State Journal of Agriculture – Household Supplement (1884-1893)
  • Michigan Business Farming/Michigan Business Farmer (1912-1928)

Published in the state of Michigan, the materials in this collection portray rural life from the mid-1880s to the late 1920s, including topics such as livestock and farm management, descriptions of animal breeds, ailment and disease preventions, household and farm financial management, and household and family care.

Funding for digitization was generously provided by the USAIN, AgNIC, and CRL as part of Project Ceres.

Bulk downloads of the full text and PDFs of the collection are also available at Michigan Agricultural Newspapers Dataset.

Content warning: language and content in resource descriptions and collections may be biased, harmful, and oppressive due to the historical nature of the content.

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Michigan Business Farmer

The Michigan Business Farming / Farmer collection features newspapers from 1912-1928, containing 438 issues. Based out of Detroit, it issued crop reports, commodity prices from various stock markets, and commentary pieces on the business aspects of farming in the upper Midwest. Advertisements and editorial cartoons appear in the paper, but they are not prominent.

Michigan Farmer and Livestock Journal

The Michigan Farmer and Livestock Journal collection features newspapers from 1909-1928, containing 1029 issues and approximately 20,000 pages. This weekly newspaper published articles on the multitude of aspects of farming life. Crop diseases, horse breeding and breed descriptions, marketing issues and pricing, dairy practices, farmstead and machinery maintenance, and household care and concerns are just a few examples of the wide range of topics. Advertisements appear on almost every page, and cartoons and poetry pieces make occasional appearances, too.

Michigan Farmer and State Journal of Agriculture - Household Supplement

The Michigan Farmer and State Journal of Agriculture – Household Supplement collection features newspapers from 1884-1893, containing 487 issues and approximately 2600 pages. Intended for the "woman of the house," it featured household management advice, cooking tips, editorial pieces and letters. A prose piece and a poem appear in the first pages of most issues. Advertisements were at the end of the publication.