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Michigan Farmer and Livestock Journal

The Michigan Farmer and Livestock Journal collection features newspapers from 1909-1928, containing 1,029 issues.

This weekly newspaper published articles on the multitude of aspects of farming life. Crop diseases, horse breeding and breed descriptions, marketing issues and pricing, dairy practices, farmstead and machinery maintenance, and household care and concerns are just a few examples of the wide range of topics.

Photos accompany many articles, from 4-H kids, to prize-winning livestock, to farmers working in their fields. Sections include "News of the Agricultural World," "Our Service Department" (provides answers to readers' questions), "News of the Week" (highlights a news story for each day of the past week), and "World Events in Pictures." The "Women's Section" features pieces on cooking and canning, and recipes. "Our Boys' and Girls' Department" is geared toward the younger readers and may contain informative pieces, awards given out at local events, and even an occasional story.

Advertisements appear on almost every page, and cartoons and poetry pieces make occasional appearances, too.

Funding for digitization was generously provided by the USAIN, AgNIC, and CRL as part of Project Ceres. Other newspapers digitized as part of this grant are available on the Michigan Farming Journals collection page.

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