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Radicalism and Activism Posters Collection

The beginning of the Radicalism Collection dates to the early 1960s when a large collection of materials related to the Communist Party of the USA was acquired. Since then the collection has grown to include books, pamphlets, periodicals, posters, and ephemera covering a wide spectrum of viewpoints on political, social, economic, environmental, racial, gender, and sexual issues that affect American life. The collection emphasizes the material of groups, organizations, movements, and/or individuals whose viewpoint(s) reflects a radical or alternative vision to American life.

The posters digitized for the MSU Libraries Digital Repository represent a portion of the larger Radicalism Collection held by the Murray-Hong Special Collections.

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Radicalism Posters Collection (MSS 431)

Special Collections’ Radicalism Poster Collection (MSS 431) includes 288 posters from U.S. social movements and activist groups, primarily from the 1960s and 1970s. The posters chosen for digitization illustrate three common graphic strategies of that period.

Leftist Political Posters Collection (MSS 719)

Special Collections’ Leftist Political Posters Collection (MSS 719) includes 508 posters from mostly European leftist social movements and activist groups, primarily from the 1970s and 1980s.